Each seminar for freshmen includes a mentoring component taking place both inside and outside of the classroom:

SF faculty members also serve as SF mentors to their seminar students. The ‘SF Mentor’ is a role model and guide for incoming students with whom they can engage not only at the start of their studies but also throughout their college careers and beyond.

Broadly speaking, SF mentors create a safe and respectful environment for students to express themselves. They help students to identify both strengths and weaknesses and make helpful suggestions to utilize the first and encourage ways to overcome the latter.

During the first semester, while students are enrolled in a Seminar for Freshmen-course, the SF mentor assist students in achieving the following goals:

o develop interdisciplinary connections with faculty and staff
o understand active learning techniques
o develop time management skills
o understand what it means to uphold academic integrity
o help students identify campus wide resources to support student success

Outside-of-class, the mentors and mentees participate in small group and one-on-one conversations aimed at building a relationship between mentees and mentor beyond the classroom, and identifying students’ personal short and long-term goals. These conversations resume after the SF course has concluded; the SF mentor continues to assist students throughout their second semester at Suffolk.